The abbreviation SIPAM means, in Polish, the Spatial Information System of the Maritime Administration. You will find there data concerning:

Vector data

  1. Zones closed to shipping and fishing (restricted_zone).
  2. Zones dangerous to shipping and fishing (restricted_zone).
  3. Traffic separation schemes (traffic_route).
  4. Traffic routes (traffic_route).
  5. Boundaries of the marine internal waters (coastline, marine_internal_waters).
  6. Boundaries of the territorial sea (territorial_sea_border, territorial_sea ).
  7. Boundaries of the exclusive economic zone (eez_border, eez).
  8. Boundaries of the marine contiguous zone (contiguous_zone_border, contiguous_zone).
  9. Safety zones around artificial islands, installations and structures established by the maritime office (constuction_safety_zone).
  10. Location permits for artificial islands, installations and structures (investment_permit).
  11. Location permits for cables and pipelines (cable_pipeline_permit).
  12. Wrecks (wreck).
  13. Boundaries of the coastal strip (technical strip and protection strip) (coastal_zone_border_tech, coastal_zone_border_ochr) .
  14. Territorial jurisdiction of the maritime offices (maritime_office_border, maritime_office_zone).
  15. Port borders and their roadsteads (port, roadstead).
  16. Borders of marinas and anchorages (marina, sea_area).
  17. Port and marina access infrastructure (sea_area, hydrotechnical_infrastructure).
  18. Approach tracks (traffic_route).
  19. Kilometers of the sea coast (coastal_milage).
  20. Numbering of beach entrances (coast_entry).
  21. Natura 2000 nature protection plans in marine areas (n2000_conservation_plan_oso, n2000_conservation_plan_soo).
  22. Coastline (coastline).
  23. Baseline of the territorial sea (baseline).
  24. Protection limit line (protection_limit_line).
  25. Sections of the shore covered by the sea shore protection program (pobm).
  26. Permit to use the areas located within the technical belt for purposes other than maintaining the shore in a condition consistent with the requirements of safety and environmental protection (coastal_zone_use_permission).
  27. Permit to be exempted from the prohibitions set out in Article 88 l of the Water Law (in the version in force until the end of 2017) (flood_risk_use_permission).
  28. Property use agreements (property_rent_agreement).
  29. Decisions on permanent management (marine waters) (property_admin_right).
  30. Decisions on permanent management (land) (property_admin_right).
  31. Forest management plans of the Maritime Offices (forestry_plans_ciek_lin, forestry_plans_kom_lin, forestry_plans_obch_lin, forestry_plans_obw_pol, forestry_plans_oddz_pol, forestry_plans_pnsw_pol, forestry_plans_uzbr_lin, forestry_plans_wydz_pol, forestry_plans_zreb_pol).

Raster data

  1. Bathymetric data (bathymetric_survey).
  2. LIDAR data (lidar_survey).
  3. Orthophotomaps (imagery_survey).

Geoportal SIPAM

Access to the data


WMS with part of the data translated into English:


WFS with part of the data translated into English:

A copy of these vector data can be downloaded in the following formats:

Geography Markup Language (GML)

Esri shapefile (SHP)

We have also prepared a map composition with some data in English. To open it:


2. Click:


sipam_eng_map_composition 2

3.  In order to see the layers (in Polish: “Warstwy”) and legend (“Legenda”):

sipam_eng_map_composition 3
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